There are several options regarding parking in Utrecht. You can park your car in a public car park in the center of Utrecht or at a P+R around the city center.

Car parks
The most centrally located parking garages are Springweg, Paardenveld and La Vie. The following table lists the addresses, and tariff and walking distances.

Parking Garage Address Rate Distance
Springweg Strosteeg 83 Max. €36.00 per day 3 minutes
Paardenveld Kroonstraat 9 Max. €28.00 per day 10 minutes
Q-Park, La Vie Sint Jacobsstraat 1 Max. €30.00 per day 7 minutes

P+R Utrecht
Not using the car during your stay? You can also use the P+R. This option is a lot cheaper. From the P+R, you can easily reach the apartment by bus. A combination ticket costs just €5.00 (parking and return bus ride for five perons).

There are four P+R around the center of Utrecht:

P+R Adres From Highway Bus
Westraven Griffioenlaan 1 bis A12 77 to Bilthoven via Utrecht CS - get off at Neude
Papendorp Mercatorlaan A2 & A12 7 to Voordorp via Utrecht CS -
get off at Neude
Muziektheater J.C. Verthorenpad 100 A2 28 to De Uithof P+R via Utrecht
CS - get off at Neude
De Uithof Uppsalalaan 7 A28 28 to Vleuterweide via Utrecht CS - get off at Neude